There is No Such Thing As Negative Four Degrees of Gemini

You know my life is in the toilet and I am in a bad damn mood if I am resorting to reading my damn horoscope. It tells you I am having one of those days where I am too brain damaged to accomplish anything useful and I am feeling desperate and grasping at straws for hope that the rest of the month will somehow work out okay, even though I cannot fucking see it at the moment.

So, I go to Susan Miller's Astrology Zone, which is the only astrology site I read regularly because it actually has some value. Ingrate that I am, I am going to bitch about it anyway.

(Sorry, Susan. You no doubt deserve better.)

I am a Gemini. Today is May 17th. So, since I am looking for hope, I am scrolling through the Gemini May forecast looking for the first date listed that is later than today. I don't give a fuck about the earlier part of the month. It's in the past. It doesn't fucking matter!

And the first date past today that I notice with my incredibly shitty eyesight (so, maybe there is another thing mentioned, and I just fucking failed to see it) is a full moon on May 21st at 1 degree Sagittarius.

Cool! I have a planet at one degree in my chart. I have Venus in Cancer at one degree. Not only that, it has some powerful aspects to it, so it is a big deal in my chart. If I recall correctly, the midpoint for the Pluto-Uranus loose conjunction in Virgo forms a quintile to Venus in my natal chart. (This explains a lot of the damn drama in my life since age 36. It is a big, big deal.)

So, yay! Something impacting my Venus may be good news.

Then I read this line:

"This full moon will affect you most if your birthday falls on May 21, plus or minus five days."

Yeah, so, this has me losing my shit. I get why Susan does this: Because most fucktards don't have a copy of their actual chart even though any idiot can cast their own chart for free online these days by plugging some basic data into an online tool. So, she often says "If you are born on this date" as code for "If your Sun is at or near this degree of your sign."

So, in other words, if you were born on May 21st, your Sun is at 1 degree Gemini. That's all well fine and good, but, look, there is no fucking negative four degrees Gemini. So people born five days before that, sure, they may feel the impact of this full moon, but this is the forecast for Gemini and those folks are late degree Taurus people.

Get this straight people: There are 360 degrees in a circle and 365 days in a solar Earth year. So the Sun moves approximately one degree per day. Thus, X date plus or minus 5 days is laymen speak for "If your Sun is at X degree, with an orb of five degrees." (Though, to be honest, I typically work with a tighter orb of plus or minus three degrees.)

That's useful info if you are into astrology. But, surely, we can come up with a better way for talking to the dumbass hordes of sheeple reading this crap.

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