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A Smooth Criminal and Opposing Forces

One of the things I complain about a lot is the ridiculous idea that some astrological aspects of good and some are bad. Generally speaking, harmonic or soft aspects are typically viewed as good and stressful or hard aspects are viewed as bad.

This is just straight up ridiculous.

The most harmonic aspect in astrology is the trine (120 degrees) and the two most stressful are the square (90 degrees) and the opposition (180 degrees). Let's talk about that.

Trines are very stable, so if they describe something negative in one's life, it will be something persistent and hard as hell to resolve. The most evil relationship I cast charts for had lots of trines, both between the two natal charts and in other variants, like their marital chart and their composite chart.

Superficially, they got along well and didn't fight much. Things seemed harmonious. But, in reality, he was bleeding her for money and when she tried to leave, he brutally assaulted her and attempted to kill …

Card Readings Are Not My Thing

When I was younger, I had both Tarot cards and an I Ching set. In my early twenties, I used them quite often.

At some point, I realized that, for me, card readings were a form of self pacification that reinforced my learned helplessness. So, I stopped.

I had an abusive childhood. I married at a young age as my only means to escape an impossible situation. He joined the Army and I left my home town to follow his career. It got me away from home, which I wanted, but it also thrust me into an alien landscape. The entire fabric of my life was gone and I was very disoriented.

I ended up unexpectedly pregnant about three months after we arrived at our first duty station. Two weeks after I found out I was ten weeks pregnant, we got orders for Germany. We didn't leave until after the baby was born, but I found myself a new mom on another continent at age 22 and my life was simply upended.

So, I very often felt overwhelmed and like my life was spinning out of control. When I felt hop…