A Smooth Criminal and Opposing Forces

One of the things I complain about a lot is the ridiculous idea that some astrological aspects of good and some are bad. Generally speaking, harmonic or soft aspects are typically viewed as good and stressful or hard aspects are viewed as bad.

This is just straight up ridiculous.

The most harmonic aspect in astrology is the trine (120 degrees) and the two most stressful are the square (90 degrees) and the opposition (180 degrees). Let's talk about that.

Trines are very stable, so if they describe something negative in one's life, it will be something persistent and hard as hell to resolve. The most evil relationship I cast charts for had lots of trines, both between the two natal charts and in other variants, like their marital chart and their composite chart.

Superficially, they got along well and didn't fight much. Things seemed harmonious. But, in reality, he was bleeding her for money and when she tried to leave, he brutally assaulted her and attempted to kill her.

He wasn't actually a smooth criminal, but the trine can describe a situation that flows smoothly, but is anything but good. It can describe a smooth criminal.

I have not done tarot in many years, but my recollection is that in one of the layouts has a card position called The Opposing Force. This is not necessarily a bad card. It can be the case that the card under it represents something problematic, in which case The Opposing Force will be something protective.

In an astrological chart, oppositions can be the opposing force. If there is some problem with one of the planets, it may be ameliorated by planets that oppose it.

Oppositions provide balance. They are kind of like a seesaw. The weight at one end counterbalances the weight at the other. It describes a relationship. A chart with many or very strong oppositions describes someone very social, for whom relationships are a very important part of their life.

Squares tend to be more stressful or harsh than oppositions, but they can be an engine driving the chart. A chart that lacks hard aspects, such as squares and oppositions, is the chart of someone going nowhere fast. Their life may not have much drama, but it also has no drive.

In my teens, I cast the chart of a friend who has little to no hard aspects. He worked part-time and spent a lot of time on his hobbies. He lived with his mother until she died, and then he inherited the house. He finally got a girlfriend in his 40s.

It isn't the sort of life most people would aspire to. I don't think he was all that happy. Most people viewed him as a loser.

Harmonic aspects are harmonious. The trine is like a three-legged stool: Very stable. The energies work together to amplify each other. This does not mean those forces will be positive or healthy.

Stress aspects tend to involve drama. They tend to make a lot of noise and be hair raising. They also provide energy for getting things done and they can be the opposing force protecting you from genuinely bad things.

I wish to hell and back that astrologers would retire the idea that some aspects are good and others are bad. It is not a very useful way to look at astrological influences. It is incredibly black and white and very limiting. I think it causes more harm than good to use that framework when reading a chart or looking at transits.

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