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The Grand Cross This Week

There is a grand cross in the sky this week. It is at its most intense from the 10th to the 12th and today is the 12th. Actually, that means yesterday, Wednesday the 11th, was the highpoint of the tension this represents.

This is one of the reasons I want to call bullshit on traditional astrology's use of the concepts "good aspects" and "bad aspects." Yes, this is a high tension time, but yesterday was a positive turning point for me. This is consistent with my subjective experience of previous grand crosses.

My health is stabilizing, the weather is looking a lot better for the next week, and my finances are looking up substantially compared to two days ago. Things are still tense, but I am a lot less scared for my immediate future or long term future.

This is definitely feeling like that Moon-Neptune Septile in my natal chart is finally kicking in. This has been a relatively quick, relatively low stress resolution given how my recent adventures started Fr…

Larger, Interrelated Patterns

So, in bitching about my shitastic weekend yesterday via this blog, part of what I said was:In my chart, my Venus-Uranus-Pluto quintile describes the sexual abuse I endured as a child. It also describes my diagnosis just before age 36 with atypical Cystic Fibrosis.Now, that touches on something important that I did not feel fit into yesterday's post and that is the fact that those events, described by the same configuration in my chart, are actually strongly interrelated. The reality is that had I not been sexually abused as a child, I would have died from my genetic disorder instead of getting well.This is a thing I typically do not talk about because any time I talk about my opinions about my own life experience, someone somewhere will viciously attack me because they imagine I am telling them how they should feel about their own shitty life experiences. So let's get this out of the way up front you deluded people who think everything I say about myself is somehow commentary…

Septiles and Quintiles

I am having such a shitty weekend. I am "under the weather" in more ways than one. I feel sick and I am holed up in some dive of a hotel so I don't die in this weekend's historic storm.Holing up involved taking out a payday loan. I should be okay financially until like Friday-ish. I am failing to do paid work because I feel like shit. If I were doing paid work, I could get a decent paycheck Saturday and be fine. As it is, I feel I am facing probable starvation and not a goddamn thing I can do about it.So, trying to behave myself and problem solve, I post a question to MetaFilter asking how to promote my resume editing service and end up in a long ugly argument via email with a mod who feels that is borderline "self promotion," a big no-no on the site. Oh, jesus fucking christ. This is the same site where someone accused me of "panhandling the internet" for having donate buttons on my websites. (They are gone now, thanks. I have tip jars these days…