The Grand Cross This Week

There is a grand cross in the sky this week. It is at its most intense from the 10th to the 12th and today is the 12th. Actually, that means yesterday, Wednesday the 11th, was the highpoint of the tension this represents.

This is one of the reasons I want to call bullshit on traditional astrology's use of the concepts "good aspects" and "bad aspects." Yes, this is a high tension time, but yesterday was a positive turning point for me. This is consistent with my subjective experience of previous grand crosses.

My health is stabilizing, the weather is looking a lot better for the next week, and my finances are looking up substantially compared to two days ago. Things are still tense, but I am a lot less scared for my immediate future or long term future.

This is definitely feeling like that Moon-Neptune Septile in my natal chart is finally kicking in. This has been a relatively quick, relatively low stress resolution given how my recent adventures started Friday morning when I walked past the already flooded river, realized that the spot under the bridge where we have previously hunkered down to survive bad storms was already under water and another three inches of rain was expected (turned out to be more like 4 or so inches and four deaths are being attributed to this storm) and scrambled to come up with money and find a cheap dive of a hotel to hole up in.

These days, I am reading Austin Coppock more than Astrology Zone. Here are his comments on this grand cross, which are much more in line with my views of astrology than anything else I have yet to run across:

Stress aspects are high energy aspects. That doesn't mean it is a bad thing, though it usually is a tense or eventful time. There is a difference.

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