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Effin Eclipse

There is a solar eclipse arriving in 1 day, 13 hours, some odd minutes as I begin to type. If I recall correctly off the top of my head while in something of a state, this eclipse is at about 8 degrees Pisces.

I have zero dollars and zero cents in my bank account and some change in my wallet. My son has $2.43 in his bank. I have a little more money coming, probably tomorrow, enough to keep us fed for another day-ish. And then I could potentially starve until the 2nd or 3rd of March.

I walked about 40 minutes or so each way to the Pay Day Loan place this morning. I already owe them money. They won't give me a second loan.

I have a tax refund coming, enough to keep me fed this coming week if it gets here in time. It has not yet arrived.

The odds seem incredibly poor that I will get it on a Saturday. So, it looks to me like the best case scenario is we have a sucky three days and I get money on Monday.

I am looking into possibly setting up a Patreon account this weekend for my…

Today's Lunar Eclipse 22 Degrees Leo

According to Time and Date, today's eclipse is about to start shortly. I thought it had already passed.

I am glad to see this. I wrote a really ranty, kind of deranged, feverish draft yesterday that will not see the light of day. I am not having a good day so far. I waited in the rain for an hour for a bus that I had just missed because it was running early and now my tablet is not charging, which is not good news. I also took out a PayDay loan this morning. UGH.

But I have seen sudden reversals of fortune at eclipses in the past and I thought the eclipse had probably occurred during the night already, so I was thinking opportunity had already passed me by and nada, zip, zilch. But it hasn't.

Here is the not crazy part of yesterday's draft: So, there is a lunar eclipse at about 22.5 degrees Leo tomorrow. I am down to my last few bucks and have barely worked this week. I am feverish as all fuck and cannot do paid work at the moment and, ugh.

Eclipses can involved dra…