Today's Lunar Eclipse 22 Degrees Leo

According to Time and Date, today's eclipse is about to start shortly. I thought it had already passed.

I am glad to see this. I wrote a really ranty, kind of deranged, feverish draft yesterday that will not see the light of day. I am not having a good day so far. I waited in the rain for an hour for a bus that I had just missed because it was running early and now my tablet is not charging, which is not good news. I also took out a PayDay loan this morning. UGH.

But I have seen sudden reversals of fortune at eclipses in the past and I thought the eclipse had probably occurred during the night already, so I was thinking opportunity had already passed me by and nada, zip, zilch. But it hasn't.

Here is the not crazy part of yesterday's draft:
So, there is a lunar eclipse at about 22.5 degrees Leo tomorrow. I am down to my last few bucks and have barely worked this week. I am feverish as all fuck and cannot do paid work at the moment and, ugh.

Eclipses can involved drama, for good or for ill. This one will be aspected by Uranus, so could easily involve shocking news (again: Either positive or negative shocking news). There are other elements, like Jupiter, that could suggest good luck.

I find myself reading Austin Coppock and Astrology Zone and googling around generally for more info because I am basically feeling pretty freaking desperate.

I don't have anything in Leo. I do have Mars at 20 degrees of Virgo and the Moon at 26 degrees of Virgo, which puts their midpoint at 23 degrees of Virgo. But the semi-sextile (30 degrees) is an obscure aspect and rarely listed.

I also have Neptune (retrograde) at 18 degrees of Scorpio. This is a loose sextile.

I have seen sudden reversals of fortune at eclipses. There was an eclipse involved in my eviction. I also have had money come to me suddenly during an eclipse.

Anyway, I am NOT HAPPY with the month so far. I am NOT HAPPY with the day so far. But I am not literally insanely feverish today like I was yesterday, so I am failing to get a good rant going here.

In order for the month to work out okay, I need money. So I am going to post this and then attempt to focus on paid work while crossing my fingers and hoping for some random lightening out of the blue good luck of some sort. It is a means to at least keep me calm while trying to solve my own damn problems in spite of the world being a generally shitty place full of shitty people.

Oh, I guess if anyone actually reads this crappy blog: Eclipses are a Big Deal. They generally come in pairs (and I think occasionally there are three in a row, but I am still feverish, so that may not be 100% accurate info). Because they typically come in pairs, there is a solar eclipse later this month in Pisces.

Lunar eclipses and solar ones have different effects, but, assuming they actually activate anything in your chart, they tend to involve "drama" of some sort. That drama may be positive, negative or mixed. If they don't interact with anything of note in your chart, they can pass fairly quietly and uneventfully.

If you want to study astrology seriously, you need to have a copy of your chart. It isn't enough to know your Sun sign. There are free services online that you can use to whip up a chart with exact degrees, assuming you know all the pertinent info.

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