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Wishful Thinking

From Astrology Zone's March 2017 Aries Horoscope: The April 26 new moon will be your best, most favorable point in 2017 for instituting any number of ways to increase your income Yeah, I wish. I am so fucking tired of being so fucking poor.

I am running a fever and not getting any paid work done -- story of my life, it seems -- and trying to not go postal, basically. This brings me back to Astrology Zone, a site I criticize bitterly for being bad astrology, but, hey, it dishes out what most people want from astrology: Hope.

It's what I seem to most want at times, though it aggravates me when I do this. On the other hand, it is probably mentally and emotionally healthier than many of my other options and bad habits on days when I am too sick to get my act together to do paid writing.

The thing is, I actually am accomplishing a lot, in the grand scheme of things. I am getting well when the entire world says it cannot be done.

So, my life is not nearly as hopeless as that…

Mercury Traverses the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square

From Austin Coppock: Mercury squares Pluto on the 23rd, opposes Jupiter on the 24th, and conjoins Uranus on the 26th...

In the midst of Mercury’s complicated negotiation of the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square... I am posting this as a follow up to my random bitch session last Monday. The short version is that I am exhausted and not working today because in just three days (Tuesday-Thursday), I did a record amount of freelance work. This means I have money today and will have some kind of paycheck this coming week as well.

I hope to recover and do more work, but that is just not happening today. I am so extremely tired.

So, I guess a few things I want to say here are:

A) My natal chart has substantial stuff in both Gemini and Virgo. These are both ruled by Mercury. Transits of Mercury seem to impact my life particularly hard.

B) T-Squares tend to have a bad reputation. They tend to be stressful and dramatic. There is a long history of tradition of framing this in very negative t…

Random Bitch Session

I fucking hate my life. I have a headache and my eyes feel like they will pop out of my head and I am running out of money and failing to work.In the grand scheme of things, I am nearly well. Yet, I continue to have periods where I am too sick to work and money continues to be a huge challenge. I don't how the hell I am going to make it to the end of the month. I am about $400 or so short and mostly failing to work. My student loan should be paid off this summer. That not only should free up some cash flow, it cuts one of my ties go my ex husband.I am not only too sick to work, I am too sick to do the blogging I want to do. I want to write an interesting piece about that on some other blog, but I am failing to do that even.The student loan is my student loan and the divorce decree makes it my responsibility, but the loan itself is actually in my ex's name because I was a homemaker. So, the bank won't even talk to me since my name is not on the loan. Long story short: My ex…