Mercury Traverses the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square

From Austin Coppock:

Mercury squares Pluto on the 23rd, opposes Jupiter on the 24th, and conjoins Uranus on the 26th...

In the midst of Mercury’s complicated negotiation of the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square...
I am posting this as a follow up to my random bitch session last Monday. The short version is that I am exhausted and not working today because in just three days (Tuesday-Thursday), I did a record amount of freelance work. This means I have money today and will have some kind of paycheck this coming week as well.

I hope to recover and do more work, but that is just not happening today. I am so extremely tired.

So, I guess a few things I want to say here are:

A) My natal chart has substantial stuff in both Gemini and Virgo. These are both ruled by Mercury. Transits of Mercury seem to impact my life particularly hard.

B) T-Squares tend to have a bad reputation. They tend to be stressful and dramatic. There is a long history of tradition of framing this in very negative terms, as if stressful stuff can only be bad news.

But this is absolutely not true. I am having drama, but it is (mostly) positive drama. I managed to get the money I needed in a very short period of time, working under deadline, and now I am super tired because of it. But I should be able to eat all week and I am hopeful that this is a significant turning point for my finances.

To be fair, I am often hopeful that some particular recent event is a major turning point for my finances. My finances have been slowly, painstakingly getting better, so it isn't simply crazy talk. But I am not really seeing the dramatic positive change I would like to see of the scale I would like to see.

I get it: People think I am a Pollyanna or something. Nope. I am not.

I am someone getting well when the world claims that cannot be done. So, I just have some trouble with the idea that "I can do The Impossible, but I can't fucking pay my bills???!!!" I have trouble wrapping my head around that.

Never Mind that actually doing The Impossible is a big part of why I so often cannot manage to do paid work. Details, details.

I am not a Pollyanna. I am not clueless or deluded. I just have a life experience very much in the "fact is stranger than fiction" category.

So, sue me. (Don't actually sue me, please. I have enough financial problems. Kaythxbai.)

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