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Saturn is Late in Sag, Currently Retrograde

From Astrology Zone's Aries prediction for April: Saturn has been traveling though Sagittarius since December 2014, and is getting close to the end of his tour. At this month, Saturn is at 28 degrees (and the last degree of a planet is 29 degrees 59 minutes.) If your birthday falls at the end of the sign, say, from April 16-19, you will be enjoying the rare and special benefic aspects of Saturn to Uranus. Uranus may be the planet of disruption and chaos, but it’s also the planet of innovation and genius. Saturn will help Aries born at the very end of the sign this month in a very comforting way. Saturn will go retrograde this month on April 5 and move to earlier degrees, up to 21 degrees when it turns direct August 25.
Saturn is considered a malefic. Of course, I don't agree. It rules things like hard work and time management. Sure, if you are a lazy, disorganized fucker, you will probably hate this planet -- unless you want to get your act together, in which case Saturn is a…

Venus Returns to Aries

I actually don't have anything to bitch about at the moment. The universe has been unusually good to me the last couple of days.

The kindness of an internet stranger kept me fed. Someone I wrote a ways back and figured I would never hear from again actually wrote me back. In fact, it was helpful feedback that might help me figure out how to increase my income long term. If that actually goes anywhere, then events surrounding this recent new moon might actually lead to a "pay raise" (never mind that I don't have an actual job).

Sadly, this does not make for good dark humor or snark. It is ruining today's post on this site.

This post was originally titled "A small amount of crow" suggesting that I was eating crow over recent bitch sessions. Then I decided to check astrological stuff for current events to see if I could say something astrological. And maybe find a reason to bitch about something to boot.

For today, Austin Coppock says: Venus Ret…

The Big Day

So, today is the big day of the new moon that supposedly has the power to dramatically increase my income for the long haul or some shit. If you don't know what I am talking about, please see yesterday's post for the details on that.I was not looking for ways to increase my income. I feel like shit. I hate god, life, the universe and everything. It is a shitastic day. We got lunch and are now broke.I tripped across some comment on the internet suggesting plasma donation as a means to make some quick cash. I previously considered that and, for some reason, decided it would not fly. Maybe because my sons had no ID and we had no address at the time. I don't recall.But, also, I am on the street to get well. Even if I could have passed the physical without lying, it would not have been ethical. My sons and I are a lot healthier and we all have ID and an address now. So, maybe it would be a viable option now. I am not sure.With being broke and having a headache, I wasted a lot o…

Yesterday's Saturn-Mercury Trine, Tomorrow's New Moon

From Austin Coppock: ...retrograde Mercury in Aries’ trine with Saturn in Sagittarius on the 24th. In line with that, I managed to do some paid writing. Mercury = writing. Saturn gives you the opportunity to be responsible and work hard and yadda. Your alternative is, you know, accept limitations (and poverty).

I have gotten through the last roughly ten days with a series of small miracles in terms of money. I really should have been starving like last week. I am on track to run out of money tomorrow -- yes, the exact same thing I said the last time I blogged a few days back. So far, we are still eating.

From Astrology Zone (Aries prediction for April, because Aries is my Rising Sign): The new moon of April 26 will be even more helpful to you to generating income. It is the most important moment of 2017 for increasing your salary, so in the ten days that follow this new moon, if you are self-employed, be ready to advertise or get publicity, and to gently raise your rates. If …

To Postal or Not to Postal, That is the Question

I am not seeing any aspects noted for today's date on either Austin Coppock or Astrology Zone. Austin Coppock says the next aspect of note is: ...retrograde Mercury in Aries’ trine with Saturn in Sagittarius on the 24th. I am okay-ish for today, though I am exhausted and accomplishing nothing.

Just now, some woman who speaks broken English and probably just doesn't know any better came up to me and began excitedly commenting that we spoke two weeks ago. At that time, she asked me a tax question.

Yes, I remember the tax question. Cool. But then she gets all up in my business and begins trying to read my computer screen.

I got aggravated and said "Can you NOT do this." and she backed off and I said "Thank you." Hopefully, that is the end of that. Wow. Can you say "poor boundaries"?

I am continuing to fail to do paid work, which makes me crazy. I can blog. I can leave coherent comments on various forums. Why can't I manage to get my …

Aries Rising, Venus in Cancer

I have an Aries Rising Sign. That is the only fire in my entire natal chart. The rest is air (Gemini), earth (Virgo) or water (one planet each in all three water signs).

Among other things, your Rising Sign describes your public image. I have a long history of being seen as bad tempered and fighty. This is absolutely not intentional.

In fact, I have gone to a lot of trouble to try to shut down the patterns of interaction that wind up making me look like such a fighty asshole. I can't control everything other people do, but I can be aware they are likely to do X and try to account for that and yadda.

Another expression of Aries Rising is to be inspiring instead of being fighty. So, I try to shoot for that instead.

Unfortunately, that often gets me accused of being an egomaniacal, narcissistic jerk. My best guess is that women are simply not allowed to know they are competent at anything. We are all supposed to be hopeless, helpless little waifs in need of rescue. I should no…

Mercury Retrogrades into Aries

From Austin Coppock: On April 20th, Mercury’s retrograde takes it back into Aries. Okay, I had way the fuck too much caffeine this morning when I got a large hot mocha with a shot of espresso from Starbuck's. This basically has me talking angrily a lot. That totally fits with Mercury retrograding back into Aries.

I am a mess and failing to do paid piece work from a service I work for sometimes. I am trying like hell to use this excess of "energy" constructively and not shoot myself in the foot. So far, it doesn't feel all that constructive.

In Good News, according to Astrology Zone (Aries, my Rising Sign): Your expenses will calm down after Mars leaves Taurus on April 21. Given the state of my finances at the moment, my expenses will "calm down" because I will be broke and starving. Having no money at all will prevent me from spending money.

Days like today make me wonder if moving to Nevada (where prostitution is legal) and becoming a sex worke…

Pluto Stations Retrograde

According to Austin Coppock(Pluto) stations retrograde on April 19th at 19’54” Capricorn That is today and I am having a weird ass day. I feel like shit and failing to do paid freelance work, in spite of how dire my short term finances look. I am on track to be broke on Friday and probably fasting or lightly rationed that day, then Saturday I should get enough funds to get me through a few more days. I don't know how I will eat next week.

On the up side, I did this blog post on my main personal blog about a project I am trying to develop. I also have had a bunch of join requests in the last 48 hours for a group I run. I have never before been able to figure out how to successfully promote things like that. I would start groups and maybe have an initial following due to limited popularity on some email list. These groups would start with like 20 or so members and never really grow.

I also seem to have found a corner of the internet where my dark sense of humor is appreciated…