Mercury Retrogrades into Aries

From Austin Coppock:

On April 20th, Mercury’s retrograde takes it back into Aries.
Okay, I had way the fuck too much caffeine this morning when I got a large hot mocha with a shot of espresso from Starbuck's. This basically has me talking angrily a lot. That totally fits with Mercury retrograding back into Aries.

I am a mess and failing to do paid piece work from a service I work for sometimes. I am trying like hell to use this excess of "energy" constructively and not shoot myself in the foot. So far, it doesn't feel all that constructive.

In Good News, according to Astrology Zone (Aries, my Rising Sign):

Your expenses will calm down after Mars leaves Taurus on April 21.
Given the state of my finances at the moment, my expenses will "calm down" because I will be broke and starving. Having no money at all will prevent me from spending money.

Days like today make me wonder if moving to Nevada (where prostitution is legal) and becoming a sex worker would be a good idea.

Probably not. Damn it.

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