Pluto Stations Retrograde

According to Austin Coppock

(Pluto) stations retrograde on April 19th at 19’54” Capricorn
That is today and I am having a weird ass day. I feel like shit and failing to do paid freelance work, in spite of how dire my short term finances look. I am on track to be broke on Friday and probably fasting or lightly rationed that day, then Saturday I should get enough funds to get me through a few more days. I don't know how I will eat next week.

On the up side, I did this blog post on my main personal blog about a project I am trying to develop. I also have had a bunch of join requests in the last 48 hours for a group I run. I have never before been able to figure out how to successfully promote things like that. I would start groups and maybe have an initial following due to limited popularity on some email list. These groups would start with like 20 or so members and never really grow.

I also seem to have found a corner of the internet where my dark sense of humor is appreciated. This is a first as well. People always expect me to be sunshine and light. They expect me to be Shirley Temple. At times, I can be that way. But I have been through a lot of crap in life and I am continuing to go through a lot of crap. My dark sense of humor has been an essential tool in surviving such things.

My eyes hurt and feel like they will pop out of my head. I feel nauseous. The financial piece is just crazy making to the max.

Given all that, I am weirdly calm. This calm was helped by reading Austin Coppock and learning that Pluto is turning retrograde today.

I half-heartedly wish I could look up previous Pluto retrograde periods. Pluto retrogrades tend to be a big deal and take months. In theory, I could look back at that and have some idea of what to expect over the next five months of Pluto retrograde.

In reality, I feel too stomped on to be arsed to try to look up anything like that. So, I am here blogging -- to make a record, to distract myself from going postal, to try to do something constructive with this shitastic day, in hopes it might eventually lead to traffic and money and a better life.

Retrogrades tend to be talked about as "bad" events. I don't think that is accurate. They are a time of going back. You can successfully return to something you used to do. You may find yourself revisiting issues not fully resolved and getting another shot at cleaning up the mess.

Pluto is the great recycler. This planet takes the trash of life and turns into treasure. It takes shit and uses it as fertilizer.

In the grand scheme of things, Pluto is especially interested in recycling human trash. It is like that Christian song line about "a wretch like me" being saved.

Pluto is the come back kid. It is the Phoenix rising from the ashes. It is very physical. It is about doing, not thinking or feeling. It is about manifesting power.

It can be exhausting and ass kicking. But it probably won't waste your time, even though it may lay waste to all you have ever known in this life.

Sometimes, that's a good thing.

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