Saturn is Late in Sag, Currently Retrograde

From Astrology Zone's Aries prediction for April:
Saturn has been traveling though Sagittarius since December 2014, and is getting close to the end of his tour. At this month, Saturn is at 28 degrees (and the last degree of a planet is 29 degrees 59 minutes.) If your birthday falls at the end of the sign, say, from April 16-19, you will be enjoying the rare and special benefic aspects of Saturn to Uranus. Uranus may be the planet of disruption and chaos, but it’s also the planet of innovation and genius. Saturn will help Aries born at the very end of the sign this month in a very comforting way. Saturn will go retrograde this month on April 5 and move to earlier degrees, up to 21 degrees when it turns direct August 25.

Saturn is considered a malefic. Of course, I don't agree. It rules things like hard work and time management. Sure, if you are a lazy, disorganized fucker, you will probably hate this planet -- unless you want to get your act together, in which case Saturn is a task master in a way that can be a staunch ally.

Saturn is generally a very serious planet, but it also rules Capricorn. Christmas falls in the Sun sign of Capricorn.

I tend to overall like Saturn, but I have a strong Saturn in my chart. My sister was once asked by a friend if I having kids young made me so serious. My sister replied "No, she was always that serious."

Amusingly, my kids think I am funny and lots of fun. They trust me to do right by them because I am very serious. My idea of fun does not involve letting people down or being irresponsible. I like good, clean fun. I don't like "fun" that involves regrets afterwards.

Anyway, I am not seeing the above info about Saturn under the Virgo forecast for April. I generally check Aries because I have an Aries Rising Sign and the way Susan Miller writes her forecasts basically assumes a natural house, where the sign of your Sun is counted as the first house.

For an audience that isn't knowledgeable about natal charts, I guess that seems like it makes sense, but I don't think it is a great approach. I do sometimes read her Gemini forecast, because my Sun is in Gemini, and I do sometimes read her Virgo forecast, because my Moon is in Virgo, but I typically stick with reading Aries because her writing assumes a lot that isn't really accurate, unless you are reading the forecast for your Rising Sign, since that is the starting point of your house system.

I favor a Placidus house system, not an equal house system. This throws another monkey wrench into things, but, hey, I rather suck at forecasting anything with astrology. I am still trying to get better at just following a few details about the moon, out planets, and retrogrades and eclipses to get a few highlights of what is coming up. I think of it kind of like a weather forecast.

Anyway, my Moon is at 26 degree or so of Virgo, so would have been impacted by this late sign passage of Saturn early in the month. It is now backtracking and won't turn back around for several months. When you have a retrograde, the influence doesn't complete until it goes forward again, passes over the same spot and then beyond. Retrogrades activate the same points three times: Once forward, once backwards and again going forward.

Of course, planets don't actually, literally retrograde. They just appear to move backwards in relation to Earth due to having different orbits around the Sun compared to Earth. Since Venus and Mercury are both really close to the Sun, neither ever appears to be very far away from the Sun in a chart. They go back and forth a lot in the process of staying so close to the Sun.

Still, this apparent backwards movement has astrological significance.

So, some time this month, my Moon was being Squared by Saturn. Squares are stress aspects. Traditional astrology views them as "bad" aspects. I view them as high energy. They have a great deal of potential to get work done. This can involve drama and often does involve drama, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Charts that lack Squares and Oppositions tend to be charts of people who never really go anywhere with their life. You need a few of those to have motive, to have energy and to have ambition.

I have seen a couple of charts that lacked them. One was a woman who basically did the full time wife thing and supported her husband's ambitions, but didn't really have any of her own. Another was a friend who lived with his mother until she died, then inherited the house and continued to live there and continued on with his part-time job and many hobbies.

If you are going to go places, you need fuel to get you there. Squares and Oppositions and other stress aspects are the jet fuel that propel you. Without that, you can expect to live a quiet life.

Maybe that is your thing and you like your quiet. That's totally cool. But accomplishment comes at a price. You don't get there by chilling all the time.

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