To Postal or Not to Postal, That is the Question

I am not seeing any aspects noted for today's date on either Austin Coppock or Astrology Zone. Austin Coppock says the next aspect of note is:

...retrograde Mercury in Aries’ trine with Saturn in Sagittarius on the 24th.
I am okay-ish for today, though I am exhausted and accomplishing nothing.

Just now, some woman who speaks broken English and probably just doesn't know any better came up to me and began excitedly commenting that we spoke two weeks ago. At that time, she asked me a tax question.

Yes, I remember the tax question. Cool. But then she gets all up in my business and begins trying to read my computer screen.

I got aggravated and said "Can you NOT do this." and she backed off and I said "Thank you." Hopefully, that is the end of that. Wow. Can you say "poor boundaries"?

I am continuing to fail to do paid work, which makes me crazy. I can blog. I can leave coherent comments on various forums. Why can't I manage to get my act together to do paid articles? Why is this so fucking hard?

So, as I was saying before this woman derailed my thought process, I am okay for today, but I am on track to run out of money tomorrow when that Mercury-Saturn thing happens. I don't yet know what I will do about that fact and it is making me crazy.

I stupidly left a couple of answers on AskMe on Metafilter today. I seem to mostly do this here lately when I am having a shitastic day and, I guess, old habits are easy to slide into. I should probably mostly quit answering questions on AskMe. These days, it generally makes me feel like a drunk who fell off the wagon again. I see it as a bad habit that does nothing but come back to bite me.

There are decent people on Metafilter, but the central "Cabal" that they swear does not exist is so incredibly toxic that it just seems more downside than up for me personally. Part of that is that I am dirt poor and Metafilter as a whole has a big problem with me trying to figure out how to make money online and solve my problems while, at the same time, going on endlessly about how they are such good people who want to make the world a better place. Oh, JFC. Yeah, shit all over the homeless woman for admitting she is homeless and for trying to figure out how to make money while talking smack about being good people who want to improve the world.

I don't get how people can be such blatant and obvious hypocrites. But, hey, it isn't just assholes on Metafilter. There is also this guy who reported his bike stolen to the store he was just shoplifting.

I wonder if he's a Mefite. Not only a Mefite, but a die-hard member of the Cabal they claim does not exist.

I don't really have a point. I am scatter brained and unenergetic and crabby -- and, obviously, still bitter about my experiences on Metafilter. I am not happy about being on track to run out of money tomorrow and having no idea how I can come up with more for the next few days. I am blogging as something sort of constructive I can do, though I don't really know at this point that this is constructive at all. It is entirely possible this is a case where shutting up and not posting anything would be less stupid.

I'm a mess. My life is in the toilet. I am actually less stressed about my current situation than I think I "should" be. I am not sure why that is.

I sometimes have a sense that a solution is coming, but I am too screwed up today to have any kind of sense of anything. I know we are okay for today and it is a Sunday when a lot of stuff is closed anyway, so basically Monday is a better day to try to look into solutions. I am doing the things I can do that have some hope of paying off, both literally and figuratively, such as blogging, trying to advertise my resume editing service, trying to take physical care of myself and trying to not go postal.

Sometimes, not going postal is as good as it gets. This may be one of those days.

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