Venus Returns to Aries

I actually don't have anything to bitch about at the moment. The universe has been unusually good to me the last couple of days.

The kindness of an internet stranger kept me fed. Someone I wrote a ways back and figured I would never hear from again actually wrote me back. In fact, it was helpful feedback that might help me figure out how to increase my income long term. If that actually goes anywhere, then events surrounding this recent new moon might actually lead to a "pay raise" (never mind that I don't have an actual job).

Sadly, this does not make for good dark humor or snark. It is ruining today's post on this site.

This post was originally titled "A small amount of crow" suggesting that I was eating crow over recent bitch sessions. Then I decided to check astrological stuff for current events to see if I could say something astrological. And maybe find a reason to bitch about something to boot.

For today, Austin Coppock says:

Venus Returns To Aries: Once More, With Feeling
He tends to write a lot of cryptic stuff that lacks specific predictions. I am not sure if this is better or worse than standard astrological write ups.

But, hey, at least he has something to say about today's date. I can't seem to find anything on Astrology Zone mentioning today at all. I probably spent a whole minute or two looking even.

I am still really, really tired for REASONS. So I shall just end this lame bitch session here. Kaythxbai.

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