Yesterday's Saturn-Mercury Trine, Tomorrow's New Moon

From Austin Coppock:

...retrograde Mercury in Aries’ trine with Saturn in Sagittarius on the 24th.
In line with that, I managed to do some paid writing. Mercury = writing. Saturn gives you the opportunity to be responsible and work hard and yadda. Your alternative is, you know, accept limitations (and poverty).

I have gotten through the last roughly ten days with a series of small miracles in terms of money. I really should have been starving like last week. I am on track to run out of money tomorrow -- yes, the exact same thing I said the last time I blogged a few days back. So far, we are still eating.

From Astrology Zone (Aries prediction for April, because Aries is my Rising Sign):
The new moon of April 26 will be even more helpful to you to generating income. It is the most important moment of 2017 for increasing your salary, so in the ten days that follow this new moon, if you are self-employed, be ready to advertise or get publicity, and to gently raise your rates. If you work for others, speak up for a raise within the ten days that follow – this is your chance. It’s also the time to choose a financial advisor, or to open a retirement account or add to it. You can leave the month richer than when you entered it, but you must make a move to make it happen. Perhaps you asked for a raise earlier, and if so, now will be the time you will see the extra money in your paycheck.

Yeah, I wish. I don't really see this happening.

On the upside, if The Crazeh is to be believed, perhaps something good is coming.

Some years ago, I was plagued with images from Madonna's "Bad Girl" video, including her being strangled to death. At the time, I had a corporate job. I felt this was about some man I knew trying to "murder" my corporate self with his weird ass, broken ideas about how to be helpful.

Sort of to my relief, nothing ever really came of that. I mean, he continued to fuck with my head, but life and possibly me cussing at him endlessly seems to have averted his ability to "murder" corporate me with his broken ideas of helpfulness. I left my corporate job on my own terms and pursued my own agenda, with him dogging my steps and being in my hair.

Today, I have a new image in my head: Quicksilver scooping up the fish in water and handing them to a girl before saving her from the explosion. (From the movie X Men: Apocalypse.) I believe this is someone else entirely making plans to "give me what I want" or something like that, only this man is not just batshit insane and full of completely fucked up and broken mental models.

The image feels shocking and like this will rock my world. However, I don't think it will give me nightmares about being choked to death.

Bring it.

(Does this sound batshit insane to you? It probably does. I have a high fever. That's my story and I am sticking to it.)

Astrology: How I pass the time when I am absolutely not functional, and I am trying to pretend to myself that my life is not some completely unsalvageable mess that would need to climb up three levels to merely be in the toilet.

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