Betting on Lucky Jupiter?

According to the May forecast for Gemini on Astrology Zone:

You will have an extraordinary day, Friday, May 12, when sexy Mars in Gemini will reach out to Jupiter, the good fortune planet, now based in your fifth house of true love – this is a day to circulate socially, for sure.

Well, that's good. I need an extraordinary day, but I need it financially.

I have enough money for today. If I don't get some kind of stroke of good fortune, I will be short on cash tomorrow. I should have a few more bucks Saturday because my paycheck should hit my bank account.

One of the things Pluto can describe is "will to power." I have been trying to focus on that expression of it. I managed to buckle down and do some paid work on Monday, which is why I have a paycheck at all this week. But I have serious health issues, so that "will to power" shit tends to be of limited use for me.

Yesterday, for the first time ever in my life, I bought a couple of lottery tickets because I don't fucking want a fucking pay day loan and I am seriously considering saying "Yeah, we can just starve. I don't care. NO."

I am feeling like a pay day loan isn't going to happen, but that doesn't really make any sense. I don't see another way out of this currently.

Everything just looks shitty and impossible, frankly.

Teh Crazeh is not working for me at the moment. Some part of me feels fairly sure there will be no pay day loan this month, but that basically sounds suicidally stupid. It doesn't sound like a plan for how to fight the good fight and overcome challenges and yadda.

The first lottery ticket had zero matches. It is worth nothing. We check the second one tomorrow.

If it wins an amount under $600, I can have cash in hand the same day. If it is $600 or more, it can take up to 12 weeks to get the money. So this isn't likely to be both a short term solution AND a long term solution. At best, it might be one or the other.

I seriously hate my fucking life here lately. That is all I can think here lately: I HATE MY FUCKING LIFE.

I shouldn't be getting shit on this much by life. This just ain't right.

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