Let's Try This One More Time, But With Some Astrology

Yesterday's post started with this:
According to the Aries forecast for May on Astrology Zone:

Mars, your ruler, will make another supportive aspect on May 30, when Mars reaches out in a friendly way to surprise-a-minute Uranus.
Austin Coppock gives a little more detail:

Mars will make an empowering, if somewhat volatile sextile to Uranus, but will oppose Saturn, a much more difficult arrangement. Mars and Saturn are perfectly opposed early on the 29th, but their angle will be felt for several days on each side of this date, particularly on the 26th.

The post then kind of went off the rails as I began ranting like a lunatic cuz REASONS, what with my life being insanely stressful. The real reason I was looking at the above is because, yeah, my life is in the damn toilet right now and I am on track to starve for about 6 days, starting Saturday. So I am hoping for a hint of what is coming that might imply "No, you don't necessarily have to starve." Because I would really like to NOT starve, thanks.

Sextiles describe opportunity. I don't have a lot of sextiles in my natal chart. My opportunities tend to be kind of few and far between. Sigh.

Oppositions are typically assumed to be negative aspects. They are, in fact, stress aspects. But that doesn't necessarily mean they are bad things. Sometimes, they describe "the opposing force" protecting you from some serious shit.

So, there will be Dramaz this weekend. Let's hope some of that Dramaz is something positive that protects me from what currently looks like Certain Doom.

(Debates whether or not to gratuitously cuss at god some more. Wonders if cussing at god gets better results than sucking up to god. Comes up with no clear answer. Throws in the towel and posts the fucking blog post to the fucking internet.)

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