Mars Enters Cancer

So, I am still accomplishing zilch for the day and still reading astrological crap to pass the time and avoid actually going postal. And Austin Coppock says Mars is leaving Gemini and entering Cancer on June 4th. He links to his writing about what it means for Mars to be in Cancer, supposedly its weakest position.

Cancer is supposedly a weak sign for Mars. It is the "fall" for Mars. This is an aspect of astrology I don't know much about, but I find what I am reading laughable so far:

What is the conflict between the nature of Mars and the circumstance that Cancer represents? Mars’ nature brings about and resolves conflict. He symbolizes the necessary desire of every individual to burst their confines and establish themselves as independent, reliant only upon their own will. This desire to burst forth from behind confines has its primordial beginning with the desire to escape the womb and extends to rarefied spiritual peaks, with the desire to escape the confines of material reality altogether.

On the contrary, Cancer is the most maternal of the 12 signs of the Zodiac- it is the sign that represents the action of the Moon. Cancer encloses Planets within it in a womb, a matrix of growth. It directs their efforts and energies to our deepest and most sensitive foundations- to childhood, old friends, old fears and the pursuit of deep intimacy. Here, sensitivity and care are absolutely necessary to create the firm emotional foundation which is the Sign’s purpose. .

Put simply, Cancer collects, nurtures and connects while Mars burns, severs and fights. Therefore Mars brings conflict to the sensitive foundations Cancer represents, while those sensitive foundations attempt to stifle that conflict which is contrary to their process.

Cancer is the only sign in the zodiac that is Cardinal Water. It is an emotional leader. This is very often the mark of a military leader or a devoted soldier. The sign can be very patriotic.

My ex husband was a double Cancer (Cancer Sun, Cancer Rising Sign, if I recall correctly) and he was a career soldier. He joined the army because he loved his country. He was a patriot. He had big feelings about this and he was a damn fine soldier.

Cancer -- the sign of the crab -- is also very emotionally armored. This works well for going into battle, whether literally or figuratively.

Additionally, I have read that the womb is not so much intended to nurture the baby as to cage it off and prevent it from tearing through the mother. Pregnancies that occur outside the womb are apparently far more aggressive about being invasive and stripping the body of the mother willy nilly of resources. To think of the womb as uniquely nurturing is something of a misimpression. The whole point is to mitigate the conflict of interest between mother and child so they can both survive.

Anyway, I can't really bring myself to read more of this on his site. I am spastic today and having trouble focusing and I don't feel I am getting much out of it.

I have Venus at one degree of Cancer. Theoretically, Mars entering Cancer will have a powerful influence on me. Mars and Venus are often called The Lovers in astrology, with Venus representing the woman and Mars representing the man.

My ex husband's Sun was conjunct my Venus. There are ways in which it is accurate to say he made me the woman I am, for better or worse. I had two children with him.

But I am sick of believing in faerie tale endings where some man actually loves me and that means everything works out okay. It pisses me off to even be reading this shit about Mars entering Cancer and thinking about what that supposedly could mean for me according to astrological tradition.

It is probably just some man shitting all over me -- again!

Well, my earlier lunatic post seems to have bled off the worst of my angst and anger. It was followed by snacks and drinks, which helped me feel physically better. This also helped emotionally stabilize me. So, I guess I shall abruptly end this here because I'm not really feeling the big angry feels anymore.

I should, given how doomed I fucking seem to be. But, meh, whatevs.

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