Mars Sextile Uranus, Opposite Saturn

According to the Aries forecast for May on Astrology Zone:

Mars, your ruler, will make another supportive aspect on May 30, when Mars reaches out in a friendly way to surprise-a-minute Uranus.
Austin Coppock gives a little more detail:

Mars will make an empowering, if somewhat volatile sextile to Uranus, but will oppose Saturn, a much more difficult arrangement. Mars and Saturn are perfectly opposed early on the 29th, but their angle will be felt for several days on each side of this date, particularly on the 26th.

I am basically grasping at straws. I essentially need a fucking miracle. I am all out of ability to pull miracles out my ass. Even if I manage to do substantial paid work this week, the holiday on Monday will delay my paycheck.

So, I am basically screwed for this weekend, no matter what I fucking do. And I am so fucking sick of living this way, where pulling one miracle out my ass after another is never enough and the universe won't cut me ANY goddamn slack at all.

If I had any sense, I would be planning my suicide.

No, I don't want your fucking emails worrying about my worthless life. Go to hell. You don't actually fucking care and aren't actually going to do shit all for me, so don't dump on me with your need to feel like you aren't an asshole and have some homeless woman reassure you that "everything is FINE and don't worry yourself, just go on with your happy shiny life." Everything is not fucking fine in my life. It hasn't been for a lot of goddamn years, and, no, you people aren't going to do shit all to meaningfully improve that situation.

So leave me the fuck alone. You assholes and your shit is about basically depriving me of the one goddamn freedom I have fucking left: The freedom to at least vent about how fucking stressful my life is. I am not even allowed to do that, because it might upset you assholes who don't actually fucking care about me at all. In fact, you get off on watching me squirm and suffer. You assholes enjoy that shit. It's the only goddamn reason I have any fucking traffic at all. Geez.

But, anyway, in spite of the world being a completely shitty place, full of completely shitty people, I am checking my horoscope and hoping against hope for some sliver of.... well, hope. I need like $200-$300 to fall on my head from the sky today or tomorrow or I start starving on like Saturday.

Have I mentioned recently what an asshole god is? No? Let me mention that again here: God is an asshole. I don't need that much fucking help. It is cruel, hateful bullshit to drag me through this crap constantly.

I have figured out how to get well when that is supposed to be impossible. Can the asshole in charge of the universe give me some credit for that? Nope, he cannot. Can the asshole in charge of the universe throw a little support my way? Also, a big fat nope. Because he is an asshole.

Fuck you, god, you piece of shit.

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