May 2017

From Austin Coppock (though, at the moment, I am getting error messages concerning the security certificate of this site):
Saturn and Uranus will remain within 10 degrees of a trine throughout 2017. Their first perfect aspect occurs at the very end of 2016, on December 24th, with both planets at 20 degrees. The second exact trine is on May 18th, with the two at 26 degrees. The third and final exact aspect will be on November 11th, at 25 degrees of Sagittarius and Aries, respectively.

My Christmas in December 2016 went spectacularly well. I got to spend two nights in a hotel instead of just one because rates were crazy low. I can't remember what else went on, but I remember it being an amazingly good couple of days and I made note of it being influenced by this trine at the time.

I have natal Mars at 20 degrees Virgo and my natal Moon is at 26 degrees Virgo. So I expect this to be another really good and powerful influence for me. I am very much looking forward to May 18th.

Because of the cert issue, I am not going to go back to the site to quote things, but it also had interesting things to say about stuff on May 10th. I think maybe a new moon at 20 degrees of Scorpio. (Correction: It is a full moon, not a new moon.)

My only retrograde planet is Neptune at 18 degrees of Scorpio. So this should definitely be a thing I feel the impact of in my life.

For me, my Neptune placement seems to be a significant influencer of my finances. If I recall correctly, it is in my eighth house of other people's money. Neptune is kind of secretive. This fits with when I processed insurance claims for a living and had to keep my mouth shut about the private information I reviewed all day as part of my job.

Confidentiality has long played an important role in my financial life, as has other people's money. I was a full time wife for a lot of years, so I was supported by my husband's income, not income of my own. I still get alimony and that is still the lion's share of my income. He was career military. "Loose lips sink ships" and all that. So, keeping my mouth shut was part of my life as a military wife as well.

The month is actually starting out pretty well. Although I feel insanely feverish, I have done a small amount of paid work over the weekend and this afternoon. Funds are tight, but we should be adequately fed today. I should have my alimony tomorrow afternoon.

I am really hoping this turns out to be a "Christmas in May" kind of thing. I don't care whether it hits the 10th or 18th. I am really hoping this will be a big, positive deal that will help me get off the street and return to a middle class existence. I am rather tired of poverty and sleeping in a tent. I want my life back.

I mostly have my health back. That is a necessary but insufficient prerequisite for getting my life back. Now, I just need a few other things to fall into place to make that happen.

Oh, oops, I think this is failing to be a bitch session. Too bad, so fucking sad.

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