May 9th

Aries May forecast on Astrology Zone says:

... May 9 ... will also bring good news.
Oh, HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

No, the news today is that I am realizing my ID expires next month and so does that of my oldest son. This is just another expense and hassle that I don't really feel up to coping with. I don't have the fucking money, but if we don't do this, then we are screwed. We no longer have copies of our birth certificates and it takes photo ID to get birth certificates.

No, seriously, I am supposed to be dead and I really wish I were. This shithole of a life on this shithole of a planet surrounded by shitastic people, horrible bureaucratic rules and on and on....this is bullshit. There is no reason I should want to endure any more of this.

No, we can't renew online because we have a different address than is on our IDs. No, I don't see the point in jumping through additional hoops to try to qualify for the low income discount by spending no doubt hours/days trying to get the forms we need from some organization or another. The hoop jumping is probably worse than trying to come up with the $29 each that we need to do this.

No, I can't leave town until I renew my ID. Then if I move to another state, I will need to get a new ID there too shortly after we arrive.

I had a decent day yesterday. I was hoping to have a good week. But at this moment, the fact that I can't think of an effective way to kill myself is just one more headfuck.

And don't fucking leave your lame assed comments or send me emails or something with your bullshit expressions of sympathy or concern or some shit. I need solutions. I do not to be used by yet one more callous asshole to meet some of their sick twisted emotional needs by them pretending to fucking care while not doing a damn thing for me.

I get more than enough of that bullshit as is. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Don't waste my fucking time with your bullshit emotional demands while you do not a fucking thing for me. I eat plenty of that shit every fucking day. So just go to hell if that impulse even crosses your goddamn mind.

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