Memorial Day

I will be offline tomorrow due to it being Memorial Day. The library will be closed and I will be broke and I don't have any Starbuck's cards or whatever, so I won't be able to go get online at Starbuck's (at least, as things stand currently).

We will be very light rationed tomorrow, which is partly due to lack of funds, partly by choice. I have a small amount of money coming that should hit my bank account Tuesday. That will let us eat Tuesday.

Someone has offered to give me a few bucks. If that comes through, I will probably be okay this week.

Perhaps that will turn out to be the positive opposing force I need. Though I don't yet have the money, the offer is helping me not freak the fuck out today. Yesterday, I realized that the third is a Saturday, which might delay my alimony until the fifth. So I was freaking out after I realized that. That could potentially add three more days to my NOT HAVING MONEY stretch.

But I have done enough work that I will probably have enough of a paycheck to cover food for Saturday and Sunday. If the money I was offered actually comes through, I may be fine this week in terms of actually eating and having enough money, even though it has been one helluva a head fuck and emotional roller coaster ride.

I would like to get to the good part of my life and never see another month like this one again. Yeesh.

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