Mercury Stations Direct

There is always a lot of static surrounding the point at which a planet changes directions. It is at its worst the day of the event, but you an assume things will be bumpy for two or three days both before and after.

I have a fuckton of astrological influences in both Gemini and Virgo. I think each has four important points. They are both ruled by Mercury.

So, when Mercury changes directions, it shows. My life gets fucked with, usually in a low level, mostly aggravating way.

Historically, I have tended to get my alimony on the third business day of the month. My previous bank was real bad about delaying this until some time between the 4th and the 6th if any of the first three days were holidays or fell on a weekend. I changed banks at some point and I began getting my money more reliably on the 3rd.

This year, I have started getting it on the 2nd business day. The first time this happened, I got it about 5 p.m. on the 3rd because the 1st had been a holiday. I think this was January. Since then, I tend to get it around 2 p.m. on the 2nd business day. This has made my life somewhat easier.

Yesterday, I awoke with the idea that I would have my alimony around 11:30 a.m. I called at 9 a.m. and began checking online after I got to the library at about a quarter of ten. When I logged in at 11:24, it was there.

This allowed us to go to lunch and allowed me to run errands and pay some bills. Since I had it in my mind this was how the day would go, starting with the timing of getting my alimony early, I figure there is a reason for this. It is a divine plot of some sort. The schedule is out of my hands.

I want very much to get showered and change into clean clothes, but this is not happening. The hotel we have been going to has no rooms available until next week. We could have gone yesterday, but that was not going to work.

I wanted to at least change my pants yesterday. I am both physically and psychologically uncomfortable with them at this point. But that never happened.

I could get a pair from a nearby store, but they are thinner than I prefer and never have pockets. I am not comfortable, but the pants do not seem to actually be a health risk. I am conflicted. So, so far today, I still have not gone to take care of this.

The air conditioner at the library is also not working today. Temps are heating up. Until just a few days ago, this probably would not have mattered. Today, it is having a noticeable impact on the comfort here.

I am not miserable, but I don't expect to get paid work done today. I don't expect to get much of anything done. It is just a frustrating, annoying day.

That is sort of Mercury stations direct for me in a nutshell right there. Depending upon what is in your natal chart, it may not be as extreme, but you can generally expect a similar effect.

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