On the Other Side of the Trine

So, while at the hotel, with newfound knowledge that my recent wifi problems might be partly on my end, I uninstalled a couple of recently acquired (large) games that I had not ever really played. My hypothesis was that it was the biggest recent change in about the right time frame that might account for the problem. After rebooting, I did see moderate improvement.

Back at the library this afternoon, the matter got discussed with one of my sons and we decided to uninstall my city building game that hogs so many resources, makes the tablet run so hot that my son frets it might damage it and has been resetting to an earlier point in the game enough to make me feel like throwing the tablet across the room. After a reboot, yes, I could get online again at the library. It was spotty and slow, but functional.

We never did do lunch. None of us was hungry at lunchtime. We put off our main meal of the day until dinner time. I had a single slice of pizza, some soda and some jerky and potato chips. The pizza was to tide me over. The beef and potatoes combo has a track record of stabilizing my mood so I don't go off the deep end.

About an hour later, I was at Panda Express having my real meal of the day, chow mein with Angus Beef. I am still there. They have wifi.

Yes, the wifi here is better than both the library and the dive hotel. So it isn't just my tablet. I opted to bring my tablet primarily to check that. Glad I did.

Sitting here eating slowly, because the food was very fresh and hot and I am missing a bunch of teeth, it occurs to me that Uranus rules the internet and Saturn is a very serious, hard working, responsible influence. It is very nose to the grindstone. And here I have uninstalled several games in order to get my internet working again.

I may have to return to doing more writing "at home" to occupy myself. There won't be as many games to play and it might even make sense to uninstall yet more games to get my wifi working better. I haven't tried it yet because a) things are already better b) I am still recovering from my sandwich induced crisis and c) even if I get no further gains and reinstall them, it will cost me all my game progress.

But these changes mean working more may be my only real option. So, there you go, internet (Uranus) problems forced limitations (Saturn) on me. I got to pick my poison: No internet, making my device only good for games, or no games to get my internet back.

I have workaholic tendencies. This is not obvious to other people because my health problems prevent me from working 80 hour weeks or whatever. But I am fairly content to work and be responsible. So, this change is not particularly upsetting.

But, there is the central plot: Time for me get down to business and do some work.

That's okay, though I was hoping for a windfall. I would like a quick exit from current stuff in my life and I don't really see me creating that myself. So I would like the universe to cut me some damn slack.

But maybe I will surprise myself.

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