The Pluto Influence at the Full Moon This Month

From the May forecast for Aries (my Rising Sign) on Astrology Zone:
Pluto, the powerhouse planet, will also send help to you at the full moon May 10, and that’s significant because Pluto is based in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. It appears a VIP, who will be the personification of Pluto, will see to it that you are paid well... You seem to be in line for a large lump sum, and that might be a bonus, commission, royalty, or back pay...

Oh, I wish! This sort of shit always gives me stupid fantasies of some kind of actual justice in my life for REASONS. But, ha ha ha ha ha, no. I don't think so. No VIP will ever give a flying fuck about me. Not happening.

I am hoping the Full Moon on May 10th is good news for me. But I am not really expecting it to play out like this.

I (we) have entered some contests. I am hoping one of them pays off this month, but I don't really expect that to happen either. I never seem to win anything. However, that seems far more plausible to me than some VIP looking out for me. Give me a fucking break.

I am really sick and tired of my current circumstances. I have felt trapped in recent weeks. Today, I am scheming to leave this town. That is making me feel less postal and like I can breathe again.

Previously, leaving other places has involved some research ahead of time (which I have been doing) and then some precipitating negative event where we went "Fuck no. We are gone." I would rather not have some negative event this time. But, without something like that to trigger the decision, I am having trouble putting my finger on exactly when to leave, plus other details.

If I up and leave, I will be off line for an extended period. In fact, I will be passing through areas remote enough that I will be in some danger of just disappearing and never making it back to civilization. I could potentially die out there.

At this point, that would be preferable to continuing on with the current status quo. Give me liberty or give me death and all that.

Pluto can refer to death. It can also refer to rebirth. These seem to be much more realistic interpretations than "Some VIP looking out for you will make sure you get the funds you are owed."

I am so fucking tired of this incredibly shitastic life in this horrible, shitastic world full of callous, uncaring, hypocritical, shitastic people who almost always imagine they are Good People. Dying in the wilderness as I try to travel to someplace more affordable is totes A-Okay with me.

It isn't like the asshole in charge of this shitastic universe is ever going to do anything good for my sorry ass. So, whatevs.

I deserve so much fucking better than this. Goddamn it. I'm a NICE PERSON, you asshole. You are supposed to reward that, not dump on nice people trying to do good things in this life. But, no, you can't fucking get it right.

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