Upcoming New Moon at 5 Degrees of Gemini

I am exhausted. If you are one of the handful of people who follows my health blogs, you will be aware of "The 48 Hour Rule" which was last night for a lot of drama that happened on Thursday with me going to the hospitel. And if you aren't, well, bah, humbug.

Because I am so tired and recovering from health drama, I am basically trying to keep myself entertained by dicking around online. I am not up to doing anything productive, like work. Ugh.

Here is a quote from the May predictions for Virgo from Astrology Zone:

The most important new moon May 25 at Gemini, 5 degrees, will energize your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. This will be the first and only time in 2017 that a new moon will stimulate this house, so if you are anxious to make a move up the ladder of success, the days that follow this new moon will be your time to take action. Mars will allow you to make contacts all month, but it will be after May 26 that you will start to get the serious offers you had hoped to see.

This new moon is superb because good fortune Jupiter is in your second house of earned income and will send dazzling beams to your professional house of achievement and honors. If you are self-employed, you will have a chance to bring in a prestigious, lucrative new client. No matter what your situation, Jupiter will see to it that you will be paid a generous salary. You must let the word out that you are interested in entertaining offers, and if possible, let companies bid to get you.

Oh, ha! I wish!

This is not likely to have much impact on my life. Most stuff in my chart kind of clusters around 11 degrees and 17 degrees. Plus I have Venus at 1 degree of Cancer and the Moon at 26 degrees of Virgo. But 5 degrees of Gemini is not likely to punch any serious buttons in my chart.

Of course, I desperately need MONEY. And I also desperately need hope that I will actually get it, in spite of the universe being a shitty place full of shitty people and my life being in the toilet and all that.

As I have suggested before, I think this is the real reason astrology remains popular. It is sort of like believing you have a winning lottery ticket without having to buy one because the Moon will be in the right house or whatever the fuck and so things will work out, never mind reality.

I mean, I have six years of college and shit like that and I still go read my horoscope and hope against hope that THIS TIME their ridiculous predictions will come true and that lottery ticket called my date of birth will finally pay off, damn it. Because I Deserve Better, damn it!

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