Uranus Saturn Trine at 26 Degrees

This past week has not gone at all like I thought it might. I had some good short term news over the weekend in the form of a couple of small windfalls. I also was able to work over the weekend. With all that, on Sunday I was very hopeful that I would just come up with the money I need for next week by working and everything would be cool. The possibility of getting through the month without a payday loan was looking less like crazy talk.

Today, I am feeling like I probably cannot make it to the end of the month without a pay day loan, but I am glad we at least were able to delay it a bit. That will at least make the rest of the month less dicey and less stressful, though it still feels kind of like a punch in the gut to be expecting to have to go that route after spending a few days with things looking up and me hopeful it would go differently.

Austin Coppock says the following about Uranus and Saturn:

The second exact trine is on May 18th, with the two at 26 degrees.
If I am reading the site correctly, one of these planets is in Sagittarius and the other is in Aries. My moon is at 26 degrees of Virgo. This should have noticeable impact on my life of some sort.

They also were at exact trine in December. Those couple of days were incredibly positive for me. I have been looking forward to this being some kind of good news.

Yesterday, I participated a good bit in a discussion on Hacker News that I enjoyed enormously. So, yay, something positive and the internet is ruled by Uranus, so that sort of fits.

Today, I logged in to find a harassing comment on one of my sites and I blogged about it. Boo. Not the positive stuff I was hoping for.

None of this seems to be related to money. That is an area where I could really use some big, good news.

Big events of this sort generally have an effect for at least two or three days on either side of exact. The aspect is currently applying -- in other words, it is leading up to the event -- and after it crests it will be separating. Things tend to me stressful during the applying phase, but are often more eventful immediately after the crest in the separating phase.

I have one foot in the camp of looking forward to the next few days and one foot in the camp of being apprehensive about what is coming. The bullying comment left on one of my blogs does not exactly bode well for this being all upside.

Trines are harmonious aspects. Traditionally, this gets them interpreted as positive events. I don't see it that way at all. I see them as harmonious in the sense of the energies of the two planets amplifying each other in a way that works together. This is not necessarily a positive thing.

Trines are also stable aspects. They tend to put in motion things that will have lasting impact. Like marriage, a trine tends to stick around for the long haul, for better or worse, richer or poorer, like it or not.

I have a terrible headache today. I feel awful at the moment and I am failing to do paid work. This is not exactly convincing me that this trine is going to be all wonderfulness.

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