June Second

Astrology Zone said something about the 2nd and 3rd of June being awesome. The third is supposed to be better than the second.

I have money today. I made a reservation for a hotel for Sunday night. I will soon get the shower and change of clothes I so desperately want.

But it will involve blowing through some dough. It isn't like I have won the lottery or something.

I am sort of disappointed with today. I did get my alimony, which I was concerned would not hit until Monday. But it wasn't for more money like I thought it would be. I emailed the ex to find out what's up with that.

Supposedly, this month is the last payment on my student loan. My alimony gets basically garnished or that. It gets paid before I see a dime. So, with a partial final payment due this month, that should involve the direct deposit to my account going up.

Anyway, yes, some good things happened today. But it wasn't anywhere near as wonderful as I was hoping.

I am kind of crabby about that.

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