Last Night and This Morning

So here is an update on stuff that went down yesterday evening around the time of the square.

After feeling physically terrible all day, by evening I was suicidal. I had my sons walk me most of the way to Panda Express. After eating there, I felt vastly better. I also grabbed a mocha frap from Starbuck's.

So, I felt that was some positive effect from the square. But it didn't fully resolve without some minor stress.

I had intestinal drama at the Panda Express, some asshole who thinks they own the dead end road they were apparently lost on was taking their frustration out on me by honking at me for walking where LOTS of people walk but bozo apparently doesn't know this because he/she is lost (I cussed at them for the first honk and flicked them off for the second -- years of homelessness has not improved my manners one bit, I tell you), and then I nearly stepped on a snake on my way home. I have not previously seen a snake in this area.

According to Austin Coppock:

The Sun’s opposition with Saturn (6/15 3:17 AM PST)...
This must be why Astrology Zone is saying:

... the toughest day of the year: June 14-15.
Astrology Zone does go on to note that it will be toughest for Geminis born on the 14 or 15th. Those born earlier will have already seen this aspect in their chart and those born later will see it impact them later.

Okay, yesterday was a horrible day for me and we got our new IDs today, so the two old IDs have been thrown out. We expect to feel terrible in reaction to that.

I started the day in a pretty bad mood and spent my morning walk contemplating writing some horrible poison pen piece. Then I got online and found I had resume work.

My take on this is that long Machiavellian maneuverings are finally paying off, both literally and figuratively.

For REASONS, that took most of the wind out of my sails and stayed my hand on what was promising to be a long winded, really vile and ugly blog post. Instead, I got to work on doing my paid work.

So, the IDs going will likely lead to health drama stuff, but it will resolve something important. Then I just need an influx of serious money and I can get the hell out of here and try to get my life back. It can't fucking come soon enough.

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