Mercury Conjunct Mars

According to Austin Coppock:

Mercury and Mars make their way to a conjunction in the middle of Cancer on the 28th, opposite Pluto and square Jupiter.
Well, I have about $8 as I begin writing this, and that will need to cover snacks and drinks for tonight. I am basically broke starting tomorrow.

We plan on fasting tomorrow and "kiting" the credit card on Thursday and Friday. I should have money on Saturday and it seems to take about 3 days for charges to clear. So far, this method has not yet burned me on overdraft charges or anything.

But I find it insanely stressful to do that. I hope this is the last time we do this. With my student loan paid off and other positive factors, I hope this is the last month that is so crazy stressful like this.

On the upside, this month was less stressful than the previous two months. Those two months were just heart attack levels of Oh. My. God. How in the hell are we going to eat for the rest of the month????!!!!

I am tired and feverish and don't really know what the fuck to write about here.

Conjunctions are neither "positive" nor "negative" aspects. They are just a concentration of power.

The Pluto opposition and Jupiter square are considered stress aspects and traditional astrology views them as bad. They are high energy aspects and tend to serve as the engine for accomplishment in life. They tend to not be fun, but they aren't like the ultimate evil. Charts that have no squares or oppositions are charts of people who basically never go anywhere in life.

I am tired of my life being so fucking stressful, but I could use some positive stress of the "win the lottery" variety. Not that I typically buy lottery tickets. It's just an example of what I am thinking of here.

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