Mercury Opposes Saturn (Tomorrow)

According to Austin Coppock:

Lagging behind the Sun, Mercury opposes Saturn a few days later (6/18 12:06 PM PST).
So, you can probably loosely interpret that to mean 'bad news coming to light' and transits typically are considered to be something like plus or minus three days. So let's say that includes today.

I have just learned we have blown through more money than I thought we had. I am not sure how we are going to make it through this coming week and then there are at least 8 more days after that before I get alimony again. I am pretty upset about it. But I am also feverish and not clear-minded.

I might be okay this week if certain monies due me show up in a timely fashion. But that still means I need to somehow cover expenses for the week after that.

I spent a few minutes feeling like "Shit! Why do I bother? Why don't I go throw myself into the still swollen river? Fuck."

But we did snacks and drinks to try get my fever down and I had a little time to think about this. This sucks, but it looks more do-able than it used to look.

Still, I'm incredibly sick of this shit.

Anyway, time to get back to trying to do paid work. Godfuckingdamnit.

On the upside, some total stranger in Buenos Aires would like to give me $18 million. Oh, oops, I deleted that email. Damn it.

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