Neptune Retrogrades on the 16th

According to Austin Coppock:

While Mercury and the Sun oppose Saturn, Neptune drifts into reverse (6/16 4:10 AM). The distant blue planet’s annual retrograde phase begins at 14’ Pisces...
I am so freaking tired and this has been the weirdest freaking couple of days. I have been doing some work and...a reporter emailed me with a question. I replied fairly promptly, in under 20 minutes iirc, and I have not heard back. I was interviewed twice by different reporters for reasons related to this inquiry and neither interview seems to have ever been published or resulted in any kind of media attention for my work.

It would be nice if I could get media attention and maybe have something go viral. I would love to have money flood in all of a sudden. Enough of a sudden influx of money due to my work would give me just about everything I want in life -- other than a boyfriend, I guess, and that would probably be a trivially easily solved problem if I were well and off the street.

I have never had any problem attracting male attention. In fact, I seem to have the opposite problem. Getting older doesn't seem to have cured that issue, though it has made it more manageable and less aggravating.

(You just wait: I shall get off the street and suddenly find I am, in fact, too old and ugly to attract a man. This is practically a given. Brag on the internet, watch the universe take you down a notch or twelve for funsies.)

Anyway, I am tired and at a point where work isn't really happening anymore. I shall probably log off momentarily, maybe go get a taco or something and then head "home."

Oh, wait, yeah, I quoted crap about astrological crap. This Neptune retrograde starts tomorrow.

Things tend to be bumpiest when a planet stations -- in other words, its movement grinds to a halt so it can change directions, whether forward or backwards. Neptune is the only planet in my natal chart that is retrograde. So maybe that means that I am more comfortable when it is retrograde? I dunno.

And I have Pluto at 14 degree of Virgo, so this would be in exact opposition of my Pluto. I also have Saturn at 17 degrees of Pisces, so this is close enough to be activating that. I also have a bunch of stuff at 11 degrees of various signs, including my Aries Rising Sign. If it backs up to about 11 degrees of Pisces, this will have impact on my life.

Anyway, I am terrible at actually predicting stuff based on astrological transits. I think most of that is mumbo jumbo anyways. But I am weirded out by the day's events and I wanted to kvetch a bit somewhere before logging off for the day, so here is my tired semi-coherent bitch session on my astrology site, for whatever that is worth -- probably NOT MUCH. You know, like my entire fucking life.

Signing off (right after I publish and tweet this, I guess.)

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