Slow Mode

I am not actually seeing anything on Austin Coppock listed for today's date. But, wow, the internet is really slow today and I am having a lot of trouble getting anything accomplished at all.

Well, Austin Coppock does say this:

The last week of the June holds a potentially difficult set of configurations. Mercury and Mars conjoin in Cancer, opposite Pluto in Capricorn.
Technically, that would start tomorrow. But, what the hell, let's be generous and assume this is the reason my day is going so poorly.

Money looks grim. I don't know how I will eat tomorrow or for half or more of next week. My attempts to do research and find some quick housing answer so I can get off the street rapidly are hitting a wall. Nothing good is happening today. It sucks.

Paid work is not happening and I hate my fucking life. I just hate it.

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