Surprise, Surprise

According to Austin Coppock:

Shortly after the Sun and Mercury’s respective oppositions with Saturn, the pair both go on to sextile lively Uranus, offering a modicum of energy and insight. The Sun is first, lacing a bit of Uranian lightning into the Solar fire on the 18th (6/18 11:46 AM), with Mercury sextiling Uranus shortly thereafter (6/20 2:30 AM).

Uranus is the planet of surprises. You can expect the unexpected when Uranus gets involved.

I tend to hate surprises. From what I gather, handicapped people tend to not like surprises. When your ability to cope with sudden, unexpected change is impaired, it tends to feel very threatening and problematic.

But I have had a small pleasant surprise today: I managed to do a little more paid work than I expected.

This doesn't save my ass, but it does help reduce the amount of stress I am facing and it makes me hopeful that things will somehow work out. So, I am hoping that the planet of surprise brings me more unexpected good news this week that helps me get through the rest of the month, in spite of how dire my finances currently look.

My student loan should finally be paid off this week. Hopefully, my ex gets me the remainder of my alimony money at that point. Then, next month, I should see an uptick in the amount of alimony hitting my bank. It won't put me on easy street, but it should make a noticeable difference in my life.

Hmmm. This post seems to fail to be particularly bitchy. I should remedy that, but I am running out of time to do so and I am running a fever. You people will just have to be disappointed if you come here to hear me whinge and angst and what not. I will try harder on the next post to be more of a shit show.

Oh, and the people in Buenos Aires are being persistent in trying to get me about $18 million or so. Sadly, I keep deleting this ridiculous empty promise. Does anyone fall for this? Some people must or it wouldn't persist. But I have trouble imagining anyone being that gullible.

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