The Sun and Mercury Enter Cancer

From Austin Coppock:

Mercury enters Cancer only hours after the Sun (6/21 2:57 AM PST.)
So, I guess they would both be conjunct my Venus today. Hmmmm. Weird.

I don't really know what to make of that. I am just trying to inject a little more astrology into this site, to go with all the bitching I do here.

So, we randomly have a few "extra" bucks today. My first thought was "Yay! Food security through Friday! Then I get my paycheck Saturday!"

Sadly, no, this is not how it will go. I desperately need a change of clothes and other REASONS, some portion of that money has already been blown on non-food items.

As my son noted, I am getting half my wish. I keep saying I desperately want a shower and a change of clothes. No shower, but I got a change of clothes.

Past experience suggests this will likely make me feel somewhat less like I desperately need a shower, at least for a bit. But it is horribly hot right now and, ugh, I smell and everything. I am homeless, but I don't usually smell like this. Geez. With the heat, I am somewhat skeptical of this doing as much good as a change of clothes usually does.

Things are still dicey. I am still working, but still doing so vastly slower than I would like. This translates to not making that much money.

I probably am at a point where I can't literally starve to death be the end of the month anymore, but that doesn't mean I will eat every day. This could be seriously unfun.

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