Trying to be Hopeful About June 13th

According to Austin Coppock:

Mercury makes an odd pair of aspects on the 13th. The first of these is a very pleasant trine with newly-direct Jupiter in Libra (6/13 8:44 AM PST), which by itself would augur happy thoughts, glad tidings and lofty perspectives. Yet nearly simultaneously, the messenger makes a square to Neptune in Pisces (6/13 8:28 PM), confusing facts and fictions, data and dreams. This blend of the optimistic and the imaginative which Jupiter and Neptune offer are activated not only by Mercury on the 13th, but also by the Moon at several other points during the month.

I am on track to need a pay day loan tomorrow, which is June 13th. I am not happy about it, though I am glad I managed to get this far without needing one. I thought I would need one last week, which would have been really terrible.

I am not doing enough work. I am incredibly tired.

I am so fucking tired of the financial piece of my life being so goddamn frustrating.

So, Mercury is a big influence in my life. But the above doesn't really give me degrees or signs. It just says it will transit these two different planets. So, that doesn't really give me any clear ideas about what part of my chart this might impact, if anything. Maybe these transits are occurring at degree points that are largely irrelevant to my life. I don't know.

I don't automatically think of trines as positive or squares as negative. Trines are stable and harmonious. The planets amplify each other. This isn't automatically a positive thing. Squares provide energy for change. This typically involves drama of some sort, but it isn't necessarily bad.

I just find my life crazy making and I feel so fucking helpless at the moment. I can't seem to get shit all done to further my goals and it makes me wish I were dead. What is the fucking point?

This just shouldn't be this hard. Seriously. I am getting well when that is supposed to be impossible. Why is earning money such a big fucking challenge? Sheesh.

I am just losing my shit here. Can't the goddamn universe cut me some fucking slack?

Wonders to self if cussing it out less might help. Promptly decides NAAAAAH.

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