Uranus is a Butt

It is the actual day of those surprise Uranian influences. Here is my day so far:

Because of someone saying something nice about me on a forum and someone then posting a link to my Patreon in reply to that, I have 5 new patrons in the last 24 hours. Cool.

This makes me realize I actually have $2.85 accumulated in my Patreon account due to the sole $1 pledge I have had for the previous three months. But I never set up a way to get my money because it was only a dollar.

So, I go to set that up and the public computers at the library don't play well with Patreon. In a nutshell, I try on several public computers before finally doing this on the laptop. But now there is a 5 day hold on my Patreon account because I updated my payment info and I can't request my money until June 25th.

So, then we go do snacks and drinks and I have my son spritz me with peroxide because I think I have been exposed to second hand marijuana from moving around to different computers trying to find one that would let me do stuff on Patreon. One of the chairs I sat in left me itching and I assume someone who is a heavy toker sat in not long before I did.

And then I go in to the bathroom to wash my hands. I unexpectedly throw up repeatedly. One of those times is in the sink as I am washing hands, thus clogging the sink.

I informed staff the bathroom needs to be serviced because I have thrown up in the sink, clogging it.

Now, having thrown up, I feel like shit and I don't know if I will get anymore work done today. I have been working, but I am on track to have maybe half or so of the money I need for next week, and I am currently still a bit short for this week.

I am still hoping the ex comes across with the rest of the funds due me this month for my alimony. But he never replied to my last email.

Uranus is a butt. This isn't at all going the way I need it to.

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