Venus Trine Saturn

From Austin Coppock:

Just before conjoining Uranus, Venus nearly trines Saturn (6/1 8:22 AM PST) and reactivates the trine between the two, which colored much of May’s astrology.
Saturn gets maligned far too much. It is a responsible, hard working planet. I am so glad for this involvement today. Today is a good day, so far.

I have the money that was promised to me. It was in my Pay Pal account when I logged in this morning. The person who promised it to me repeatedly wrote me to say it was still showing as a pending transaction on their end. Because of their incredibly considerate behavior, I did go ahead and get food yesterday.

I did try to graciously thank them this morning. It didn't feel to me like it was really gracious enough, but I didn't know how else to make it clear how much I appreciate not only their generosity, but also their consideration in keeping me updated. Had they not, I would not have felt confident that I was really going to get the money and I likely would have just not eaten yesterday. This would have been a fairly serious problem.

I am feeling so much better today. It is making me realize my meltdown yesterday was more due to medical things than the money per se. That was something of an excuse.

There is a phenomenon in my life that I call "the 48 hour rule" and it often rakes me over the coals pretty badly. There was a pretty bad one going down for several hours straight yesterday. It basically correlates closely to the period in which I was writing ranty blog posts in the afternoon, both here and elsewhere. (I have quite a few blogs.)

Today, I'm tired, but not exhausted. There is no 48 hour rule hitting today for anything particularly noteworthy. I hope to have a semi-productive day of some sort, even if I don't manage to do paid work.

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