July 1st, 2017 is starting out pretty crappily

So, I apparently blew through an excess of money the last two days. I got my paycheck and made a payment on my credit card to cover all that. Except it doesn't actually cover all that. It covers most of it.

And I don't have my alimony yet, though my ex said he would deposit it to our son's account in cash on the first and he is in Texas which is like 2 hours later than here or something. So, I am broke and my credit card is overdrawn. Fun.

Neither Austin Coppock nor Astrology Zone have July forecasts up yet. So I can't go conveniently checking the influences for today on those sites. I suppose I could go look for some other astrology site. Whatever.

My day is not starting out well. I am NOT a happy camper here.

Silver lining: A piece I submitted to Hacker News last night did a lot better than my submissions usually do. It is above 200 points currently. Also, some guy in some foreign country finds me very inspiring and would like to give me money -- if I can help him get a job.

This is not snark. I don't mean to disrespect the guy. It's just a weird, weird email to have gotten. It is also sort of aggravating to hear that someone would like to give me money, if only they had any, on a morning when I am so goddamn broke. It's like the universe jerking my damn chain.

Thanks, universe, you asshole. You have impeccable timing, as usual.

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