July 3rd

So, I finally see an update for the whole month of July on Austin Coppock. It is actually dated June 30th, but I did not previously notice it. I am not clear if it is me or them.

I am still seeing nothing said about July third in specific, which is a bit worrisome. I need today to be eventful in a good way and I am very worried it won't be.

I finally heard from my ex. Long story short, my alimony should be hitting my bank account via electronic transfer instead of my son's bank account via cash deposit. So, maybe I will see it as early as today and maybe I won't see it until after the damn fourth of July banking holiday. AUUUGHHHH.

SOOOO. As I was writing this, I got another update from the ex. NO, the electronic transfer did not go through and he has deposited cash today to our son's account.

And the reason it did not go through? He is trying to deposit it to a bank I have not had an account with for over 2.5 years.

And this is why I handled the money when I was married to him.

So, I have my money. Or, you know, my SON has my money. I expect to have a really busy day and I have sent the ex some information and instructions. Hopefully, he can get this straightened out by August 1st and I can resume getting my new, higher amount of alimony at the same bank he has been sending it to for over 2.5 years without incident.

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