Mars Opposite Pluto

For July 2nd, Austin Coppock has a section titled:

Mars Opposite Pluto: Learning To Lose
It then goes on to talk about Pluto as a symbol of death, which it is. But, wow, was this like a depressing fucking thing to read.

Pluto is also a symbol of rebirth. It is the Phoenix that dies in flames, only to be reborn again.

I still cannot get hold of my ex. I still don't have my alimony. And most of the world is happy to suggest that I am merely crazy and don't need practical help. Because talking to a psychologist when I can't afford to eat -- sure, that's such a great suggestion.

So, reading depressing astrological crap is not really helpful. It just makes me feel more hopeless.

I have taken what measures I can to contact the ex through the grapevine. It's not much, but it's something. It at least makes me feel less like a victim who can't do anything at all about the situation.

I at least need news concerning what the fuck is going on. Even if I don't get MONEY today, I would not be twisting in the wind so bad if my putz of an ex would answer my goddamn emails and let me know what the hell is going on.

A total fucking stranger has been more considerate than that recently. Someone who said they would give me a few bucks and then it took more time than they expected at least kept me updated on the situation. My ex can't do even that much.

This sort of crap is not the reason I divorced him, but it is making me remember how often he created messes and then dumped them in my lap to clean up. This is a thing I very much do not miss.

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