Mercury Enters Leo

According to Austin Coppock, Mercury entered Leo yesterday evening, leaving behind Cancer. This is going to generally be a more comfortable position for Mercury and possibly for me.

I have one planet in Cancer. My Venus sits at one degree of Cancer. The strongest aspect to it is a Quintile from the Uranus-Pluto near midpoint in Virgo. Those two planets form a loose conjunction, only about three degrees apart. So it is a fairly strong aspect. The two planets basically work almost as one body, amplifying each other's energies and the aspect is pretty close to exact.

Quintiles are creative aspects, but they also are stress aspects. Septiles are creative, but much gentler. I have one of each in my chart.

Among other things, this quintile describes the sexual violence in my childhood. It is not a happy, fun experience.

My ex husband's Sun was conjunct my Venus. I don't regret the marriage and he kept me alive when, by all rights, I should have died, but it was always a difficult, contentious relationship.

So, I am happy to see Mercury move on to a more comfortable position. In line with that, I am feeling much more at ease today.

This past week was tough for me. I am still tired and still physically recovering from intestinal drama and lack of sleep. But I am feeling physically better and things are looking up to me.

I have a tablet again. I haven't had one for something like three weeks or more. I am not sure. Maybe more like two months? It's been a while.

We were starting to go stir crazy without a tablet. It helps keep us occupied in the evening.

It lets me blog when I am not online so I can conserve internet time for more productive activities, like paid work. If I blog in the tent I can just edit and upload when I do have internet access.

A tablet lets us write emails to ourselves so we can remember stuff we think of at other times. This helps us make forward progress. Otherwise, we repeatedly go "Oh, I should look up that thing" and then fail to do it when we are actually online. It winds up taking up more headspace and time and delaying actual accomplishment when we have no tablet.

It allows me to play games, which helps stave off going stir crazy. It allows me to be productive when I do go to Starbuck's instead of that being JUST about coffee.

I am still exhausted and I don't know how much paid work I will get done today, if any. But the sense of desperation and frustration I have been experiencing is dropping down below crit levels and I am feeling more able to plan things instead of living from crisis to crisis.

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